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Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc.
Thomas F. Flynn, Jr.,  Senior Licensed Funeral Director,  Life Celebrant & Certified Crematory Operator

Established in 1924, Thomas F. Flynn, Jr., and the staff of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc, work diligently to created an individual life experience that has meaning for each family we serve.  Our efforts focus on providing the very best care to reflect the individual who has died, with a full undertanding and respect for the trust that has been placed in our hands.

Every Funeral, Cremation Service, Memorial Service or Life Celebration deserves to be truly memorable, flawlessly planned and correct to the smallest detail. Tom and the staff of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc.,  simply give every service that kind of respect, planning and level of attention, without question or hesitation.  

We are the only Funeral – Cremation Firm in the lower Hudson Valley, New York City area that actually performs the cremations at our facility, and control every single aspect of the process from the time of removal of the deceased to the time the cremains are returned to the family, or authorizing agent. This results in savings to the families that have entrusted the care of the loved one to our firm, we have been at the center of the cremation service segment of funeral service for the past 26 years as a leading provider of the cremation process.

Tom has helped to train staff members at numerous Crematories in the United States regarding correct cremation procedures, and have conducted training seminars for crematories and equipment manufactures from around the United States. We have also been selected to lecture Mortuary Science students at several major Universities.  Major Medical Schools in the Northeast have retained the services of Tom and his staff to facilitate the final disposition of those donated in the memory of education and science.  Tom has created many memorials (Monuments) and has been retained by the Honorable Edward I. Koch, the former Mayor of the City of New York and Dr. Robert Ray Parks the 15th Rector of Trinity Church to design and place their memorials.  Its a credit to Tom on the manner by which major universities various religious groups and individuals from all walks of life,  call on him to manage the details that need to be attended to in a calm and professional manner, when a death event or ceremony is needed to represent the life lived.

Whatever one’s wishes might be, Thomas F. Flynn, Jr., and the highly trained staff of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Center’s Inc., is available to guide you and your family through one of the most difficult times.

We understand that you only get one chance to say goodbye, and that the services you have selected must be perfect in detail and in its sentiment.

  • Serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania
  • All cremations performed by our certified staff at our facility;
  • Large urn selection on site, along with keepsakes and other memorial items;
  • Large display and options for rental caskets for cremation services/memorial services;
  • DVD memorial packages available;
  • Life Celebrations by Certified Life Celebrants;
  • Custom design Monuments & Memorials

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Custom Design Monuments placed in any Cemetery in NY, NJ, PA & CT by our own staff