For some of us it takes a while to come back from losing a loved one. It can, and most often is, a major adjustment. I am finally able to write a most deserving review for Flynn Funeral and Cremations Memorial Center. It is a difficult review to write because the level of service we received went far above and beyond what we could have ever expected. It didn’t feel like a service at all, but rather like having a funeral director in the family. I want so much to use the right words to convey how flawlessly Tommy Flynn and his staff cared for us at such an intense and difficult time in our lives. To include the attention they placed on every single detail, with the utmost care and compassion, would have me writing a book.

My father’s death was anticipated and almost welcomed, in order to end his torment. Watching him take his last breath and feel him slipping away was a devastating experience. It changes you forever. It’s something we all have to go through. When you’re that vulnerable, it’s important to be able to grieve without having to worry about or deal with so many formalities that come with a planning a funeral.

From the very moment that Tommy walked into our home, where he found us at my father’s bedside, his priority was to respectfully pay his condolences to every one of us and began to very gently guide us through the process. He spoke to my mother so tenderly. He was extremely kind and sensitive to our needs and assured us that my father would be treated with dignity and respect. He was very patient and never rushed us for any reason.

Tommy’s professionalism was seamless. When he learned that many of our relatives were traveling a long distance, without blinking an eye, he made all of the arrangements, for us to eat and have a comfortable place to rest during the break between the viewings. We didn’t realize it at the time, but there were certain things Tommy did throughout the wake and funeral that helped us with the letting go process while simultaneously helping us fill our hearts with my father’s spirit. Putting a couple of strands of hair from each member of my immediate family in an envelope and placing it in my father’s pocket so a part of us will always be with him was such a moving gesture that warms my heart every time I think about it. When we discussed the floral arrangements, he recommended including two hurricane candles, one each for my brother and I, that were placed on either side of the casket during the viewing. These were carefully delivered to my home after the funeral. He suggested we use them as a centerpiece during the holidays and that the flame of the burning candle would represent my father’s spirit. I cannot begin to tell you how very comforting that burning candle has been in his absence. I feel a great deal of gratitude to Tommy and the entire staff at Flynn Funeral and Cremations Memorial Center.  There’s a quote in the poem “Footprints In The Sand”, in which God says; “During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you”.  For us, it was obvious how God carried us during this time filled with pain and sorrow. It is also obvious what God’s purpose for Tommy Flynn is in this life. Most importantly, he practices what he preaches: “Special people deserve special service”.

Thank you, Tommy, from the bottom of my heart.

– Maria Conte



“It is never easy saying good bye to a loved one but when you have the assistance from an excellent funeral director like Brendan Flynn, it certainly makes a very difficult time a bit easier to process. I recently attended the memorial service of my brother-in-law and was with my sister when she made the arrangements for her husband. Brendan Flynn was amazing! Professional, compassionate and patient. He took the time to listen to what my sister wanted, asked questions to be sure he understood what she wanted and made sure she got exactly what she wanted and she did!! Thank you Brendan and the Flynn Funeral Home team for the excellent care and support you provided!”

– Jeanne



“I want to thank you all so very much for the help, comfort and support you provided me following the death of my friend Ginny Duelk. You went above and beyond to ensure Ginny received the proper Christian funeral and burial she deserved. You made it possible to bring Ginny “home” and kept her with you until she could be laid to rest.

Words cannot express my appreciation for all you did. You were gracious and caring; handling all the details as the professionals you are. I always felt it was “family taking care of family.” You made this difficult time much easier for myself and her family.

The kindness showed was evident to all. A special thanks for having the AOH Color Guard, the bag piper and arranging for the use of the AOH hall to gather afterwards. It meant a lot to all that it was the Joseph Duelk, Jr. AOH hall. I’m sure they were both smiling from above!

Again, thank you for the love and care showed to Ginny and family. She is now at peace alongside her parents and brother. It wouldn’t have been possible without you all.”

– Fran Griffin-Carlson



“I highly recommend Flynn Funeral & Cremation Center, and cannot say thank you enough to Tommy, Brendan, and the most wonderful staff here. They helped guide my family and I through one of the hardest and most painful times in our lives. When my beloved sister Susanne passed away, Tommy treated her, and all of us with the utmost compassion and respect. You have truly found your calling, and we thank you for your devotion, compassion, and guidance through this difficult process. The service and memorial were beyond beautiful. It was personal, heartfelt and so comforting to our grieving family. So many friends and family have told us it was the most beautiful service they have ever been to and we couldn’t agree more and that is a testament to you, Tommy. Right down to a wonderful surprise and beautiful sendoff when we released purple balloons ( Suzi’s favorite color) into the air! We cried, we laughed, we grieved together and we celebrated Susanne’s beautiful life. On behalf of my mother, Florence, my nephews J.T. and Nicholas, and myself, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you did to care for our loved one and give her a beautiful tribute. We are forever grateful!!”

– Charlene Reyes



“This is a long overdue testimonial to a family business that I have been meaning to share, but as we all know, time gets away from us and what you are meaning to do does not happen. I decided to make the time because I want people need to know that a fine family business is right in their own town.

I first came to do business with Flynn Funeral and Cremation Memorial Centers, (formally known as Flynn Gannon Funeral Home), in 1987 when my soon to be father in law passed away. We were treated like family the minute we walked into their place of business. I lived in the area and so did the Flynn family. My husband and I would run into Tom Flynn and his family at church functions and soon became neighborly friends.

In 1998, I had to enter Flynn Funeral and Cremation Memorial Centers once again to make arrangements for my mother. She was our family’s first big loss. I was devastated and heart broken and needless to say unprepared. Tom Flynn took his time and walked our family through all that was needed, from the obituary to insurance to the church service to the final preparations with grace and sincere caring for us and our loss. It meant so much to us that our mother was in good hands.

In 2007, I once again had to reach out for their services for my father, but this time I was more prepared. Not for the loss, but after my mother’s passing, Tom Flynn suggested I prepare for my father, such as having the obituary on file as well as other details, so when the time came and the emotion of his loss hit, I would not have to worry about what needed to be done because it was all in place thanks to him. It was a large handful of details that I did not have to worry about. Again it showed the personal touch a family business can only give. Our family not only felt at ease leaving yet another irreplaceable family member in his hands, but knowing our loved one would be cared for with respect and decency. I also would like to add that my father was a WWII and Korean War veteran. We wanted a military funeral as he deserved, but the funeral not only fell on a holiday weekend but the government laws just changed and we could not get what we wanted. Tom worked with me and my family and was reaching out to our congressmen and other officials to see what he could do. He finally he reached out to West Point, and military volunteers stepped in and gave my father the funeral he deserved.

In 2016, our family was hit with a shocking loss, my brother. By this time we knew this family business all too well. Tom Flynn handled my brother cremation with grace and dignity. We also held his memorial at Flynn Gannon Funeral home. This service was different than the other 3. He prepared a touching speech prior to the memorial and it was from the heart, It was like he was part of the family and in many ways he is. When you share loss, especially this many in a family, it is comforting to know Tom and his family are in the right business.

In closing, I would like to add that in this day and age family businesses are slowing disappearing. They are being replaced by big companies. We as a society are losing the personal touch that only a family business can give, and in this case the personal compassion that only a family business can provide. I cannot thank Tom Flynn and his family business for making an extremely difficult time in our lives much easier to handle. I know that this business was handed down from his father and Tom will pass it along to his son someday. Times change but one thing I know for certain, this family business will always have just what you need when you need it in your time of sorrow you can count on Flynn Funeral and Cremation Memorial Centers.”

– Helene and Al DeCamp



“I have had many experiences at Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc. Some of which include the loss of my parents, both my in-laws and both of my brother-in-law’s parents. Each of their wakes and services was beautiful, memorable and touching in their own unique way. Most recently, the loss of my brother Michael, at the age of 59, took my family and me by surprise. I personally had the honor and privilege of assisting in the arrangements for someone who was not only my older brother but my best friend. Of course, there was only one person in my mind to call and that was Tommy Flynn. As the decision was being made to take him off of life support, I knew that it was time to call Tommy. His son, Brendan, answered the phone and was nothing but compassionate, caring and helpful. Their immediate response and concern was very comforting and gave me a sense of peace. After my brother passed, I expressed to Tommy how important it was to me that my brother not spend one more night in the hospital, and certainly not in the hospital morgue. Unfortunately, they had to cross the state line, and the hospital was not competent enough to do the proper paperwork. Nevertheless, Tommy made sure that Michael was picked up that night and brought to a funeral home that would keep him safe overnight. The next day he sat with me and my nephew and to make the arrangements. He was patient, kind and understanding. He gave us sound advice, and not for one moment did it seem like he was just doing his job. He rather showed a compassionate and caring side for a family who was in a time of great mourning. Cremation was the choice that was made. I told him that I needed to see my brother to make sure that it was him and to say a final goodbye. He quickly said, “give me a few minutes.” Within about 15 minutes she allowed me to view my brother’s body. He took the time to lay a beautiful blanket over him, placed rosaries over him, lit some candles and allowed me, my nephew, and my daughter to say a proper “good-bye.” He patiently waited for us to say our “farewell and happy trails,” a line that my brother used every day. Tommy made the suggestion about going to the crematory, and I jumped on it. I went and it was sad, but I was so happy that I did because I didn’t want Michael to leave this earth on his final journey alone.

I will never forget everything that Tommy, Brendan and his staff did for me and my family. They made the whole horrible process bearable. They worked through every detail as if Michael was one of their own family members. They arranged for his transportation from the hospital, cremation, helped find the perfect pictures for the prayer cards when the choice was difficult, the priest and services, the honor of a military salute, the bagpipes, the graveside service, the beautiful releasing of doves and even made sure the that the headstone was engraved before the service. This was something that is not normally done, but he knew that it was extremely important to me and Tommy made sure it happened.

The service was perfect, it was beautiful and a true honor to a humble and kind man that lost his life way too early. During the service Tommy took a few minutes to speak about my brother and his words were not only inspirational but they were personal and heartfelt. He spoke of a man that he barely knew, yet was right on target of the man Michael was. He touched each and everyone in a packed filled room of family and friends. Family, new friends and old dear friends some who traveled for miles to pay respect to a man that touched so many lives in all different ways.

I will never forget the way Tommy, Brendan, and his staff went above and beyond to honor my brother. It seems to me that this is Tommy’s calling and that he was put on this earth to ease the pain of all who have to endure the loss of their spouses, family, and friends. It also seems to me that it must run in the family because Bandon, his son, is following in his father’s footsteps. They are truly angels from Heaven and we are lucky to have them as part of our community.

I will never find the perfect words to express how grateful I am to Tommy, his son Brandon, and the wonderful staff at Flynn Gannon Funeral Home. Their empathy, kindness, and compassion were truly what got me through a horrible time in my life. It is very obvious that they not only take pride in what they do, but they are dedicated and committed to everyone who comes through their door on their way to their afterlife.

In my opinion, if you have the needs for a funeral home for a loved one, Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc., is where you need to go in order to ease your mind and proceed with services in a professional yet personal manner. Tommy, Brendan, and his staff will help you through every painful step.”

– Trisha S.