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All cremations are performed at our Own Facility with our New York State and Cremation Association of North America Certified Cremation Staff. 


 No other firm in the area, can make that claim nor perform the actual cremation.


CREMATION COST  $ 2,315.00 plus cash advances

A simple cremation service would include the local transfer of remains to the funeral home, staff services, securing of necessary authorizations, basic local transportation to the crematory, an alternative container for cremation, and return of the cremains to the funeral home $2,315.00.  Plus Cash Advance items

Our service includes the following:

  • Removal and transportation of the body from a local Hospital:
  • Arrangements conference to obtain vital statistical information to complete the death certificate and to secure the necessary authorizations;
  • Filing the death certificate to obtain the cremation permit;
  • An alternative cremation container specifically designed for cremation;
  • Placement of the entire cremated remains into a 240-cubic inch urn;
  • Returning the cremated remains to Funeral Home for you to take custody;
  • Filing Social Security forms, and submitting claims forms for insurance on your behalf.
  • Additional fees would include crematory fee, death certificates or other cash advance items

 CASH ADVANCE ITEMS ARE : New York State Death Certificate Transcripts are $ 10.00 per copy and the City of New York Death Certificate Transcripts are $ 15.00 per copy plus permit, processing and mailing fee(s). Presently Oxford Hills Crematory, Inc., crematory fee for an alternative container is $ 240.00

House removals, hospice removal or evening hospital additional fee $ 300.00

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Simple Cremation Plans starting at $ 2,315.00 Plus Cash Advance items

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact us either by

Calling Toll Free 800-750-8021 or email us at

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