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Welcome to Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc.


Senior Professional Staff

Thomas F. X. Flynn, Jr. (C.F.S.P., S.F.D.,L.F.D., C.C.O., C.L.C., O.M.)

Loretta M. Flynn-Murphy (L.F.D.)

Michael Onorato (L.F.D.)

Thomas F. Flynn, Sr.  (1928-1991)



 What makes our firm vastly different from other Funeral Homes?

We are the only firm that performs the cremation at our own facility,

with our own New York State Certified Cremation Specialist.


From the moment, you call us and we take your loved one into our care, the cremation process and returning the cremated remains to you, your loved one is never left alone or unattended by themselves, our staff is always present every minute of the day.

Funeral Homes have a bad reputation for selling overpriced caskets, urns and burial vaults - we agree 100 percent                 

Unlike other funeral homes in the area, we do not increase the cost of caskets or burial vaults from 100 to 400 percent. You pay exactly the cost from the manufacturer.  The families that select Flynn's, save hundreds to thousands of dollars, compared for the same exact casket and merchandise provided by our competitors.

Under Federal & State Law you have the absolute right to purchase caskets online, or provide to any funeral home a casket that you purchase from any source. You have the right to purchase caskets online that will be delivered to any funeral home, at substantial discounts

However, you will discover that not even the discounters on line can match us.  Therefore, ask yourself which local funeral home truly has your best interest in mind.  The one that answers to you, or that laughs all the way to the bank at your expense.  

Think about it, would you go to the Hospital and pay $ 75.00 for one aspirin, when you can go to a drug store and pay $ 7.00 for a bottle of 100 aspirins.

As a Dad, that has a family of my own, I can assure you the money that I have worked hard for all my life is better left to my surviving heirs, not to a funeral home. 

 It's your money.  Who do you leave it to; your family or the funeral home?

 Personally, I rather leave it to my family, which I am sure you do as well. 


Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc., is the only firm in the lower Hudson Valley, New York City, Northern New Jersey area that actually performs the cremations at our facility, and control every single aspect of the process from the time of removal of the deceased to the time the cremains are returned to the family, or authorizing agent. This results in savings to the families that have entrusted the care of the loved one to our firm. We have been at the center of the cremation service segment of funeral service, for the past 30 years as a leading provider of the cremation process.

The Flynn family truly believes every Funeral, Cremation Service, Memorial Service or Life Celebration deserves to be truly memorable, flawlessly planned and correct to the smallest detail. Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Centers, Inc., provides every service the kind of respect, planning and level of attention, that your family should expect.

Whatever one’s wishes might be, Thomas F. Flynn, Jr., (Tommy) and the highly trained staff of Flynn Funeral & Cremation Memorial Center’s Inc., is available to guide you, as well as your family through one of the most difficult times at a cost that everyone can afford.

We understand that you only get one chance to say goodbye, and that the services you have selected must be perfect in detail and in its sentiment. There is no request that goes unfulfilled. No questions that go unanswered.



Serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

  • ​Oldest family owned & operated firm in Chester & Monroe, New York; 
  • All cremations performed by our certified staff at our facility;
  • Large urn selection on site, along with keepsakes and other memorial items;
  • Large display and options for rental caskets for cremation services/memorial services;
  • DVD memorial packages available & live Funeral Service streaming for those unable to come to the funeral home;
  • Life Celebrations by Certified Life Celebrants;
  • Custom design Monuments & Memorials designed and set anywhere in NY-NJ-CT-MA & PA by our staff


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Traditional Funeral Services * Cremation Services * Memorial Services * 

Life Celebrations * DVD Memorials * Monuments * Urns * Rental Caskets


Special people deserve special services.

See What Families Are Saying...

Tom Flynn is a class act! Very professional and caring

Maureen T.

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